Book a Rental

Fourth Wall is available for use 24/7 @ $50 for a single hour, $70 for two hours, $35 for each additional hour, and $225 for a full day. These costs are before sales tax.

Included in the use of the space is available equipment:
* Backdrops – cloth and paper (see complete list here)
* Multiple backdrop racks
* Multiple generic stands
* Extension cords
* Three Neweer S101-300W professional strobe lights (flash units)
* Two Neewer FS150B LED 130W bi-color continuous lights
* Trigger and receivers for the strobes
* Use of multiple softbox diffusers
* Use of a queen-sized bed for boudoir photography
* Eyelighter curved reflector
* Other round reflectors
* Ring-light
(I do not have any other continuous lights other than the ring-light)

If you need instruction on using the strobes I’ll be more than happy to show you how to use them. They are simple and easy to understand and use. If you want a full hour of training on strobes and studio set-up click here for classes!

You can move/use/re-arrange any of the furniture as long as you put it all back when done. There is a changing room, a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave, and bathrooms are next door. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for using the Studio.

Please use the form below the images to book your dates to rent the Studio.

Use this form to reserve your dates. Choose the date and then add the time slots you need (greyed out slots are already taken), fill out the required info, and then submit the form. I’ll reply with a link to pay the 50% deposit/payment that is due immediately – failure to pay the deposit upon receipt will void the rental. Rentals of 3 or more hours require a 50% deposit – rentals of 2 hours or less require full payment ahead of time. Be sure to book enough time to load in and load out – there is no bleed-over before or after the slots you book.


Want to email me? Do so here:

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Want to know where the studio is located? We are at:

9119 North 7th Street
Suite 202
Phoenix, AZ 85020