My name is Jason Walz and I am the owner and sole proprietor of Fourth Wall Photo Studio. I’ve been shooting professionally for several years now and have many years experience shooting products for my own Etsy businesses. My photography interests are varied – I love street photography because I like to capture people and their things and monuments and artifacts in moments of arbitrary randomness. I like to shoot in the Sonoran Desert because it constantly surprises with intricate mysteries to discover and capture. Everything in the desert looks the same on one level – brown, grey, rocky, muted green, but closer up and in between the cracks you’ll find plenty of interesting and diverse things going on. I LOVE to shoot theatre! I’ve been involved in local community theatre since 2013 in many different capacities – as a volunteer deckhand, as a technical director, as a board president, and now, as a photographer. I shoot for two theatre groups in the valley taking promo shots, production shots, and headshots. Fourth Wall Photo Studio was born from my love of photographing people and interacting with them during the creative process. You can see my amateur and theatre work here on my personal photo website: JKWalz.com.